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From the opening moments right through to the totally-earned standing ovation, I could not take the smile off my face. It was wonderful to see an audience so absolutely ready to have a great time reliving the 80s and its music and for the cast to ride that wave of enthusiasm with the audience so skilfully. The structure of the show with its opening aerobics class then leading into the time travel where mother meets her younger self gave the production a real heart and a wonderful contemporary relevance that it took it way beyond being just a trip down memory lane. A perfectly balanced script, wonderful performances and great musicianship.

 Lewis Jones


“All Fired Up” is a fantastic show! Not only will you want to immediately see it again, but you will be straight-away wishing for its return so that you can also bring along everyone of a similar-life-vintage if you are a teen of the ‘80s. Indeed, it is all incredibly feel good ....

Blue Curtains Brisbane

Perfectly structured, brilliantly performed and genuinely moving.

Bridget Boyle

Debase Productions

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