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ALL FIRED UP by Roz Pappalardo and Rachel Terry

MARCH 2022 - Brisbane Powerhouse

Have you ever felt like getting in your car, driving away and never coming back? Have you ever wondered why, despite all the hours of meditation, money spent on self-help books and yoga retreats,  you can’t find your free?  Get in the front seat with Monika, who’ll soon be your new BFF, as she heads back to the 80’s  to seek advice from her 15 year old self. Join her as she asks the important questions, sings at the top of her lungs to the live band,  slaps on too much blue eyeshadow while dancing up a storm. 


Live music, a REAL story and  nothing but the truth - All Fired Up - the only balm for the inner 80’s wild child about to turn mid 40’s.

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shadows from the past


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