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What our community says about us? of the most joyous, life-affirming shows I have ever seen
Alicia Cush, Little Match Productions


Perfectly structured, brilliantly performed and genuinely moving.

Bridget Boyle

Debase Productions

From the opening moments right through to the totally-earned standing ovation, I could not take the smile off my face. It was wonderful to see an audience so absolutely ready to have a great time reliving the 80s and its music and for the cast to ride that wave of enthusiasm with the audience so skilfully. The structure of the show with its opening aerobics class then leading into the time travel where mother meets her younger self gave the production a real heart and a wonderful contemporary relevance that it took it way beyond being just a trip down memory lane. A perfectly balanced script, wonderful performances and great musicianship.

 Lewis Jones


“All Fired Up” is a fantastic show! Not only will you want to immediately see it again, but you will be straight-away wishing for its return so that you can also bring along everyone of a similar-life-vintage if you are a teen of the ‘80s. Indeed, it is all incredibly feel good ....

Blue Curtains Brisbane


The Acting for Actors class was tremendous, it reconnected me with a fantastic group of like-minded people and we had so much fun and learnt heaps. Rachel has a real talent for teaching and her acting class really inspired me and rekindled my love of acting. Thanks, Rachel

Sarah Speller

Thank-you so much for the opportunity to reengage back into the community with fellow movers and groovers.  You're teaching style invited everyone to loosen up, forget any worries and just have some fun whilst also increasing the heart rate.  This weekly event was always the highlight of my week.  I look forward to future classes please keep me updated.


80s dance class is my weekly dose of judgment free joy and laughter with a  great bunch of girls who just wanna have fun.



“incredibly engaging for our P-6 students: its simplicity, wonderful acting and clever use of props was brilliant. Although very funny an important message was hidden amongst the humour of the piece. I’d have no hesitation in recommending this performance to other schools”.

Anet Kyiah Ridley Principal Miallo State School

“Not only was the performance so relevant to what is happening both in the classroom and on the playground every day. Student’s clearly received the underlining message in the performance all whilst being thoroughly entertained. Thank you so much for presenting such a professional, age appropriate and relevant production to our school.”

Ms Kate Archer Experienced Senior Teacher
Trinity Beach State School: Tropical North Learning Academy


Rachel has been directing Cairns Family History Society's  evening annual performances of "Shadows from the Past''  that are held at the McLeod Street Cemetery - a feat in itself at such a location -   for the last few years, and has always been professional in every way. Rachel turns the basic stories that we give her of our early pioneers, into a performance that has the audience captivated, each show is extremely successful and loved, with the audience returning each year.

 We are really pleased to have Rachel's proficiency in directing "Shadows" as we can feel confident they will be successful. 

Dell Deed

President Cairns Family History

Rachel is that great combination of fun, hilarious, creative and super professional. She really brings out the best in those she works with. I would highly recommend her for your next project!

Patty Bom 

Ironing Maidens

Rachel is a respected artist in the community who brings heart . experience and expertise to all her projects. The museum has worked with Box Jelly on child focussed interpretation including an audio guide, they are creative, collaborative and highly professional , that I would trust on any project. Furthermore they are passionate about supporting community wellbeing through the arts.

Suzanne Gibson


Cairns Museum


I have worked with Box Jelly theatre as an actor on many occasions over the last 5 years or so, and I hopefully will get more chances to work with them into the future. I have found the experiences enjoyable, creative, collaborative, and always professional. They are great people who are dedicated to producing authentic, quality performances and theatre whether it's in front of 2000 people or 20. In particular I've found being directed by Rachel Terry to be some of my favourite and most rewarding acting experience. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to  create, develop, produce and direct any performance piece. 

Daryl Heath

"I'm so grateful for any opportunity to work with Box Jelly Theatre Co! Whether it's youth theatre facilitating or brushing up on acting skills via the specialised classes, to main stage productions, pantomimes, regional school tours or creative developments; it's always a tonne of fun!! Box Jelly has given me the confidence to grow as an artist and helped me find the joy and magic 

of theatre making again."

Liz, actor & youth theatre facilitator

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