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LOVE by Finegan Kruckemeyer



Oslo Rogers has a very fun mum and lives in a very fun town. But a very unfun problem, in the shape of a huge cyclone, is forcing his community to head for shelter, taking with them only what they love the most. Mum calls it their ‘love luggage’ and she owns a milk float and those can hold lots of love luggage if they’re packed right. So Oslo sets out to help his townsfolk and, along the way, learns the stories behind what they bring.

Join Oslo on his journey and hear about the things we love and the tales that go with them in this adventure story by Australia’s beloved children’s playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer.

For ages 5 and up.

-one workshop for up to 50 students
-responding task for BANDS P-2, 
3/4 and 5/6

These have been created using the Band Descriptors, Content Descriptors and Achievement Standards from QCAA.




A verbatim piece of theatre which explores the themes of anxiety in teenagers and was created with the assistance of both RADF and Flying Arts grants in 2021. Over the two creative developments we worked with 25 local teenagers and a psychologist to create the 35 minute piece.

ENOUGH follows the story of high school student Amy as she struggles  with anxiety, interspersed with personal stories from teenagers about their struggles with mental  health. We also identify the triggers of anxiety, the physiological effects and offer helpful advice backed up by Beyond Blue.

ENOUGH includes the unique opportunity for your senior drama students to perform in the production. We include a full day workshop where we rehearse them into the show, followed by 3 performances for your school. (junior, middle, senior)

Departments: Drama, Well Being


Dramatic form/style: verbatim, epic, magical realism

QCAA connection: FA2. IA2

drama curriculum
ENOUGH a play about anxiety created by FNQ teenagers
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